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How AI Is Changing The Game For Contextual Targeting in CTV


Talk about contextual targeting to many industry professionals, and you’re as likely to get an eye roll as a nod of recognition.

That’s because for many people, “contextual targeting” calls up old-school dayparting and the midcentury notion that “housewives watch daytime soap operas and beer- drinking men watch Sunday afternoon football.”

This report is here to disabuse them of that notion while simultaneously providing support to all of you who have seen the light of context or who are just starting to see the light.

We will discuss what The New Contextual Advertising looks like, why studies show it is more effective, and how it can help with everything from brand safety to brand recall and the role AI plays in taking contextual targeting to the next level.

Finally, we’ll explain—in layperson’s terms—just how it all works and why a neutral content ID plays such a key role in making it all work.

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