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Alliance for Video-level Contextual Advertising (AVCA)

Our Mission

The AVCA aims to advance the knowledge and understanding of video-level contextual intelligence. Our members include experts in advertising technology, artificial intelligence, and data connectivity who work together to ensure that ad-supported streaming provides the best user experience for viewers and the highest value for publishers and brands. We provide insights and guidance to drive innovation in a rapidly evolving market. 


Revolutionizing Relevance:

How AI Is Changing The Game For Contextual Targeting in CTV

Talk about contextual targeting to many industry professionals, and you’re as likely to get an eye roll as a nod of recognition. For many, “contextual targeting” calls up old-school dayparting and the midcentury notion that “housewives watch daytime soap operas and beer-drinking men watch Sunday afternoon football.” This report is here to disabuse them of that notion while simultaneously supporting all of you who have seen the light of context or are just starting to see the light. 

Watching TV at Home


Our members are dedicated to promoting transparency and trust in the industry. The AVCA comprises experts from diverse backgrounds, bringing unique perspectives and insights to our work. Together, we are committed to providing the industry with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the era of ad-supported streaming. 

Founding Members

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