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Your Brand Suitability Solution Claims to be Based on AI, But is it?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

With 500 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, it is impossible for humans alone to keep up with the various nuances of brand suitability of each brand. When you don’t get it right, the toll can be great:

  • Wasted dollars: 52% of videos made for kids on YouTube are not tagged as such, causing brands to waste money on non-converting audiences

  • Damaged brand perception: 50% of consumers say their view of an advertiser is negatively impacted when an ad appears alongside undesirable

Most – if not all – brand suitability solutions deliver some form of protection for brands; however, only those specifically taking advantage of data science deliver the balance of protection and reach. A big risk of not taking a data science-driven approach is that you will block good supply due to erroneous categorization and miss the opportunity to reach your audience. Additionally, this missed opportunity can be compounded by the risk of letting not only unsuitable – but unsafe – content through your filters. The best suitability solutions are built to understand the nuances of context. The ability to interpret contextual nuances at scale is what differentiates data-science-driven solutions....Read the full post at Pixability

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