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Brian Lin On The Unique Ways Univision Uses Streaming To Reach Hispanic Audiences

As Senior Vice President of Product Management at Univision, Brian Lin heads up all aspects of product for the ad sales team, including Advanced TV, new capabilities in the digital and streaming world, and programmatic offerings. His focus, he says, is on "challenging the status quo of how media is bought." He spoke with TVREV about how Univision is innovating across both linear and streaming platforms and how the IRIS_ID is helping his team make better use of contextual targeting.

AW: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using contextual targeting in streaming services?

Brian Lin : Contextual targeting offers several advantages for streaming services, including addressing privacy concerns and tackling measurement challenges. It allows advertisers to eliminate some issues associated with audience targeting in linear advertising. Focusing exclusively on audience targeting may lead to content commoditization, with advertisers overlooking the importance of the context in which their ads appear. To achieve optimal results, advertisers should adopt a more thoughtful approach that balances audience targeting with the context in which their ads are placed.

AW: How does the role of context and its connection to a brand's image factor into the effectiveness of advertising in streaming services?

Brian Lin: Context plays a crucial role in advertising effectiveness, as it has a direct impact on brand perception. When advertisers focus only on reaching their target audience and disregard the context, they might miss out on the benefits of associating their ads with specific content. A strategic approach that takes into account both audience targeting and context will lead to better advertising outcomes....

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