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How Eversana Intouch Navigates Video Investment Challenges In The Health And Pharma Industry

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

While they may be heavily regulated, the health and pharma industries are keen to find ways to use data to better target their audiences on streaming. The key, says Britt Travis, Co-Lead of Video Investment at EVERSANA INTOUCH, is pushing to get full transparency from their partners about the sources of that data and how it is being used.

Alan Wolk: What do you think about contextual targeting? Do you think it has a place in the advertising landscape, especially in terms of addressing privacy and transparency issues?

Britt Travis: I love the fact that we're returning to contextual targeting, which was popular before advanced targeting took over. At the end of the day, we curate our campaigns for every client, and what works for one might not work for another. Within the targeting space, we don't like to say one type of targeting is better than the other. It's about effectively reaching our clients' audiences in ways they'll be tuned into. Contextual targeting checks the privacy box, as it doesn't require going down the path of strategic or hyper-targeting. However, that doesn't mean those methods aren't valuable either. There's room for all of them; it just depends on the client and their needs.

AW: My understanding is that there's no reason you can't combine different targeting methods, such as demographics and contextual targeting. Is there an issue with obtaining the right video-level data for contextual targeting?

BT: New technology has emerged, which I like to call "strategic, hyper-contextual." The technology that exists now has significantly improved compared to 2016. Contextual targeting used to be quite limited, but now it can provide more relevant and in-depth data. We’d love to see more supply partners share video-level data so we can take advantage of this technology to make our campaigns more effective and better serve our clients' objectives.

AW: Is there anyone who is playing a significant role in enabling better contextual targeting?

BT: Absolutely. We've been exploring IRIS.TV's IRIS_ID and have been genuinely impressed with what we can target at the video level. They took us through their dashboard, and the level of granularity they provide is outstanding. We can really identify and create detailed consumer profiles through their data partners’ targeting segments. It's an exciting development in the world of contextual targeting, and we're looking forward to harnessing the power of the IRIS_ID to enhance our ad campaigns...



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